• tagLyst Next

    An offline file manager with file-name-tagging

    It helps you classify and organize files efficiently

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    available for Windows7/8/10 (64-bit)

  • Features

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    Tagging your files

    Tags are filters and rules

    With tagLyst Next, you can :


    * embed the tag phrase in the file name easily, like: report#2017#TODO.pdf

    * filter files with the existing tags

    * filter files with directory / date / type tags

    * use Smart Tags to searching the synonym phrase in the file name, e.g. a tag #Newyork with user preset rule can also find file with N.Y.C / Newyork / Manhatten in the name

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    Browsing files with preview

    Preview for various document type

    tagLyst Next supports preview for :


    * jpg / png / svg / gif and other image formats

    * txt / csv / markdown ... plain text format

    * pdf / docx / xlsx and some other office documents

    * webp / mp4 (h.264) format

    * mp3/wav/flac and other audio formats


    note: please be kindly reminded that not all files with all size can be previewed.

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    Organizing with more

    colors,icons, groups, repos ...

    With tagLyst Next, you can :


    * manage files in different repositories

    * manage tags in different tag group

    * assign a color and icon to the tag

    * add a cover for a file/folder/repository

    * leave a note/memo to a tag/file/folder

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    Open and Offline

    Your files are always yours

    tagLyst Next does not have a backend storage and does not convert your file to a close format. So ,


    * your files are always in your local or the 3rd-party cloud storage you trust.

    * you can browse and manage your files in the Windows Explorer as well as in the tagLyst Next.

    * you can sync files and tags with your favorite way, e.g. iCLoud Drive / DropBox / One Drive / Google Drive

    * if you wish, you can run the system offline after activation


  • Support Us

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    please contact us with the following address